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A detailed guide to access your MetaMask login account

The following read is entirely focused on an exclusive crypto wallet that has been making its way into the global marketplace and getting recognized as one of the most reliable wallet services of all time- the MetaMask Wallet.

You should know that this wallet service was ideated, crafted, and introduced to the world as an efficient browser extension that allowed individuals with Ethereum and Ethereum-based crypto tokens to store and protect them in it.

In addition to that, it also grants users exclusive access to some of the very renowned and associated exchange platforms like ShapeShift and Coinbase to make trading and investment transactions via their MetaMask login accounts.

Here, in this read, we’ll be walking you through three of the most important procedures to experience this amazing wallet service including the installation procedure, the password implementation procedure, and the login procedure.

Learn the procedures- installation, passwords setup, login

Let us help you with installing the MetaMask extension on your default browser (in this case, for Chrome browser):

  1. Get inside the MetaMask website and hit “Get Chrome Extension”.
  2. Move ahead and place your hit on “Add to Chrome” then “Add Extension”.

Now, you all know that cybercrime has been increasing and cryptocurrencies stored online can be vulnerable to several risks. Therefore, we think you should follow the steps below and set up a password on your MetaMask login accounts:

  1. Install the extension and move to launch it on your Chrome browser.
  2. Choose to “Get Started”> “Create a Wallet” > Give the “Terms of Use” a read.
  3. On reading the terms of use, hit on “I Agree” if you agree to the set rules.
  4. Settle on a password that you can rely on for the safety of your funds.
  5. Reconfirm your agreement to the site terms and hit “Create” to finish.

And finally, let us walk you through the explicit steps for accessing your MetaMask login account:

  1. Get into the installed MetaMask wallet extension.
  2. Navigate yourself to type in the set password.
  3. Review your submission and sign in to your wallet.


The detailed read above has been created to give you an overall idea of what MetaMask wallet is, and what can you do with a MetaMask login account. Going through the exclusive read above, you have learned the three most significant procedures that are deemed necessary for the use of the wallet service and it is inclusive of the process to install the extension, set up a password for your wallet account, and sign in to it if and when you want.